Beekeeping in the Tallinn city on the roof of the building. Credit: Tallinn University



Honey masters (in Estonian "Meemeistrid")Beekeeper Raul looking for a queen bee

Meemeistrid is a small family business that has been operating since 2010. They are located next to Põltsamaa, at the old Annamõisa dairy, where they have built a honey farm and where, in addition to production, they also cultivate agrotourism. 

Novelty in honey production keeps you alert!

In addition to the classics, they also like everything new and innovative. They have developed a selection of special kinds of honey with different extras. If you like berries and you like honey, trust us, you'll love their products. There are also exciting products with spruce and black garlic. All products are from Estonian companies. 


The company will join us for the congress and will offer their products at the venue at their little pop-up shop. There will be good prices and their honey jars are suitable for your carry-on suitcases so you can take home a piece of Estonia for your loved ones as a souvenir. Find their booth at the venue!






A lawyer + a banker = chocolate? Not the first thing that comes to mind, to be sure, but that’s still what happened when Kristi and her husband Youssef decided to take a leap of faith, leave their careers and follow their dream. Armed with their passion, their will and the inspiration nature gives them they create the tastebud-inspiring Chocolala that lets you taste the forest, fruits and flowers in every bite. Just think about chocolate infused with caramelised birch sap, spring’s first spruce sprouts, dewy blueberries and black currants… These are the ingredients Chocolala is made of, with hands, eyes and heart, allowing this unique chocolate to conquer so many tastebuds. We bring you happiness!

Chocolala is one of the top 10 world-class chocolate shops your sweet tooth will love.

Mon-Sun 10-19

They offer a -10% discount in their shop at Suur-karja 20, Tallinn 10146, Estonia if you show your badge at the counter.


Chocolate Museum at Chocolala

Go visit them and find out about the Estonian chocolate history!

You can discover:

  • how been to bar chocolate is made today in our chocolate factory (only a glass wall is separating you from our chocolate masters, so you can enjoy looking at them at work);
  • who were the players on the Estonian confectionary market during the last century;
  • the art of historic chocolate boxes and wrappers;
  • a huge 30 kg lion sculpture made of chocolate, and so much more.

Admission is free

They also offer a 1 hour guided tour with degustation for up to 20 people for 150 euro. Feel free to contact them via this form.






Tallinn Design House

Tallinn Design House (TDH) is a showroom of Estonian designer brands, which offers visitors a representative exhibition of the local design world – fashion, jewellery and leather art, interior design accessories and a careful selection of special gift ideas. The joint marketing and export platform of Estonian designer brands brings together design enthusiasts, designers and trade partners, foreign guests and delegations, cultural and art events, local design enthusiasts and tourists.

Take a look at the different brands they are selling in their showroom HERE.

Tallinn Design House is located in the very heart of Tallinn City centre, in the historic Rotermann quarter. Located in the area of ​​boutiques, cafés and restaurants TDH is a memorable environment to host local design friends, fashion and cultural journalists, foreign visitors and business partners.

Mon-Sat 10-18
Sun closed

They offer a -10% discount in their shop at Rotermanni 14, 10111 Tallinn if you show your badge at the counter. If you ask someone at the shop, they will be more than happy to introduce Estonian Design to you.